Purple Enchanted Garden Themed Birthday Party, Purple Dress, Balloon Arch, Flower Crowns

Our Daughter’s 13th Birthday

Enchanting DIY Decor: Purple Balloon Arch and Flower Crowns for a
Purple Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

Beautiful Purple Dress 
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Hosting a Purple Enchanted Garden themed birthday party for a teen girl is a delightful way to create a magical and memorable experience. With a stunning 10 ft purple balloon arch and beautiful flower crowns, you can transform your space into an enchanted garden. Here’s how to create these charming DIY decorations using products from Amazon and Dollar General.

Building a 10 ft Purple Balloon Arch

Materials Needed (Amazon):

Purple Balloons (various shades)
Balloon Arch Kit (includes frame and balloon tape)
• Balloon Pump
• Balloon Tying Tool
• Balloon Glue Dots
• Command Hooks (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Assemble the Frame:
Set up the balloon arch frame from your kit. Most kits come with poles and connectors that snap together to form the base of your arch.

2. Inflate the Balloons:
Use the balloon pump to inflate your purple balloons to different sizes. Mixing sizes adds depth to your arch.

3. Attach Balloons to Balloon Tape:
Push the tied end of each balloon through the holes in the balloon tape, alternating sizes and shades for a balanced look.

4. Fill in Gaps:
Use balloon glue dots to attach smaller balloons to any gaps in the arch, creating a fuller appearance.

5. Secure the Arch:
If needed, use command hooks to anchor the arch to a wall or other surface for additional stability.

6. Final Touches:
Adjust any balloons as needed to ensure your arch looks perfect from all angles.

With this stunning balloon arch, you’ll create a whimsical entrance or photo backdrop that captures the essence of an enchanted garden.

Crafting Flower Crowns

Creating flower crowns is not only a fun and engaging activity but also an opportunity for each guest to express their unique creativity. Using inexpensive supplies, you can craft beautiful, personalized flower crowns that guests can take home as a lovely keepsake from the party.


Materials Needed (Dollar General):

• Faux Flowers
• Greenery
• Flower Tape
• Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
• Floral Wire
• Wire Cutters

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Prepare the Base:
Measure the floral wire around your head to determine the size of your crown. Add an extra inch for comfort, then cut the wire and twist the ends together to form a circle.

2. Wrap with Flower Tape:
Wrap the wire base with green flower tape to cover the wire and secure the flowers and greenery.

3. Attach Greenery:
Use the hot glue gun to attach pieces of greenery around the wire base, overlapping them slightly for a lush look.

4. Add Flowers:
Arrange faux flowers on the crown and secure them with the hot glue gun. Use small pieces of flower tape for extra security if needed.

5. Fill in the Gaps:
Continue adding flowers and greenery until the crown is fully covered. Make sure to fill any gaps for a balanced appearance.

6. Final Adjustments:
Try on the crown and make any final adjustments. Add more flowers or greenery if needed to ensure everything is securely attached.

These charming flower crowns are perfect for the birthday girl and her guests, adding a magical touch to the party atmosphere.


Creating a Purple Enchanted Garden themed birthday party with a 10 ft purple balloon arch and flower crowns is a fun and rewarding project. With the right materials and a bit of creativity, you can transform any space into a magical garden. Complete the enchanting theme with a beautifully decorated cake and refreshing lavender lemonade to make the celebration truly unforgettable. Enjoy the process and watch as your teen’s birthday becomes an enchanting celebration to remember!

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